Friday, September 28, 2012

Mooove Over for a Cow!

I've finally finished the cow I've been working on! It was commissioned for a girl that I work with. It's been slow-going, and I'm not really sure why.

Milk Cow

I'm so pleased with the way it turned out! Just like the last time I made this pattern, it come together a lot better than I thought it would. The only difficult thing about this pattern is attaching the head to the body. They are both made separately and then attached, so it's a little hard to know where exactly to attach them. The hardest part though is getting it to stay up rather than hanging down in the front. But look at this face!

I also did finish the first out of seven teddy bear sweaters for my sister. Well it's mostly finished. It still needs a yellow felt "C" on it, Weasley style. But the knitting is done!

Linking up with Finished Object Fridays over at Tami's. What have you finished this week?


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Cow and a Dishcloth!

I'm soo close to being done with the cow! I have all the pieces made now. Even though I only had three legs done when I took this picture (there was only so much daylight left!), I do have all four done now! I've also decided to leave off the horns because it's cute without them! (Also because my embroidery of the face is a little crooked, and I would have had to redo that... Shhhh)

Milk Cow

I'm loving the way it's turning out! That blue variegated yarn is going to be the scarf. Ravelry link in the caption! If you want to see my FO from the last time I made this pattern, it's here.

The other thing I'm working on is the second September Dishcloth knit-along! It just started today, so if you're interested in joining, the link to the group thread is here!! I'd love to have you join in! My sister is also doing the KAL. Here's what I have so far:

It's not much, but there's something exciting about the beginnings of a knitting project! Especially when it's a mystery knit-along!

I forgot to take pictures of our caterpillar friend today, so hopefully I'll remember to grab some tomorrow before we leave for Pennsylvania! My boyfriend has a med school interview on Friday and I'm going with him. While he's actually in the interview will be the perfect time to work on some little teddy sweaters I think.

Also, it'll be a good time to start reading Othello. Since I planned to start it last week and still haven't....

I'll have my cow finished for you on Friday! Linking up with Tami and Ginny. What are you working on?


Friday, September 21, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Hey guys! So, like I said, I only have the one thing to share with you. I thought I might finish the first sweater, but I haven't even worked on it! Oh well. Here's my turtle for you! Ravelry notes are linked in the caption.

Tino the Turtle

 He was a gift for my boyfriend because turtles are his favorite. Here's another shot! (There are more on Ravelry)

The only other thing I made this week were peanut butter cookies for my sister! It's the absolute simplest recipe! Only four ingredients, and no refrigeration required!

Peanut Butter Cookies
-recipe from a church cookbook

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. baking soda
1 egg

Mix all ingredients together. Roll dough into small balls, roll in sugar. Press balls flat with a fork. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

That's really all there is to it! And trust me, they're delicious.

What have you been up to this week? Check out Tami's!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday!

Hey guys! So I really don't have much to show you today. I've made no progress on my cow since last week.. So I didn't even take a picture of it again. I do have a new finished object to show you on Friday though! So you can look forward to that.

For this week, all I have are these sleeves. This will be another modified teddy bear sweater that I'm working on for my sister! There will be seven in total this time. So far though, it's just the sleeves.

Here's something I wanted to show you last week. When I was taking my photos for last week's WIP Wednesday, I noticed this little guy making cocoon on our front steps! I forgot to add the picture to last week's post though. I figured I could try to do a weekly update throughout the winter! Here are last week's picture and this week's. I can't believe the change in just one week!!

One last picture to tide you over until Friday. Tonight's sunset! It was prettier in person, but this is a decent picture I think.

I'm still reading Russel Brand's book, but I honestly haven't touched it in about two and a half weeks. I'm thinking about starting Othello since my sister is reading it for her Shakespeare class, so we could compare notes!

Anyway, check out Tami's and Ginny's for more things going on this week!

Friday, September 14, 2012

FO Friday

I have a handful of things to share today! Two of which, you saw on Wednesday as works in progress. I had Wednesday and Thursday off of work this week, which worked out very well with my "get things done" attitude. Now if only I had worked on getting existing projects done, instead of starting new ones and finishing those...

First up, I finished the Blue Bird from Stacey's Craftsy course, Amigurumi: Woodland Animals. I just love him! Ravelry notes are linked in the caption.

Blue Bird

You didn't see this next one on Wednesday, because I just started him yesterday! And finished him up about an hour ago. I had to take photos inside because it's raining, but I'm still pretty happy with him! He's the bear from the same Craftsy course as the Blue Bird. The colors are some I had in my stash (actually, all of the yarn in today's post was stash yarn. I just happen to have a ton of the navy - 1500 yards or so).

Teddy Bear

Finally, I finished up the mystery dishcloth knit-along that I started on Monday this week. If you didn't see it on Wednesday, my sister and I participate in a Ravelry group that does two mystery dishcloth KALs every month. This was the picture cloth. It's called "Yoga- Bow Pose."

Yoga Bow Pose
I'm linking up with Tami for FO Friday! I'd love to see what you've finished this week!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along!

Well it's Wednesday again! I have a ton of things to show you! Well, I guess only four. But that's more than usual!

First up, a knit-along dishcloth! My sister and I are part of a Dishcloth KAL group on Ravelry. They typically do two mystery knit-alongs every month. We're currently in the middle of the first one. Here's what I have so far. Any guesses on what the picture will be?

Next up, the cow I showed you last week! I got the head done for this week as well. The head still needs two ears and two horns. Ravelry notes are linked in the caption!

Milk Cow

Next is a project I haven't yet shared with you. These pieces belong to an Eeyore I'm making for my boyfriend's mom for Christmas! All I have so far are the ears and the bow (for the tail!), but I do hope to get more work done on him soon. The pattern is available on Etsy here.


Finally, of course I have a hook in another freshstitches project! This one is the Blue Bird from Stacey's Craftsy course Amigurumi Woodland Animals. I'll probably finish this one up tonight. I'm not sure if I'll do the bear from the course next, or if I'll jump to one of her other patterns first.

Blue Bird

I am still working on reading Russel Brand's My Booky Wook. I'm having trouble being inspired to read it! I'm considering starting The Fault in Our Stars now and just reading two books at once...

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Friday, September 7, 2012

FO Friday!

Well it's finally Friday! I told you that I would have the legwarmers to share with you today, and I do. Sadly, they're my only finished object for you this week. My Ravelry notes are linked in the caption.

Super-Easy Leg Warmers

I made them about five inches shorter than the pattern said to make them... I just couldn't handle that much single rib. And I used Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for the top. I just love that bind off!

I think they turned out great! And my friend is happy with them, so that's all that matters.

Check out more finished objects at Tami's. What did you finish this week?


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday

Well, not too much has changed on the work-in-progress front. I've got a handful of things on my needles, some of which you've seen already (such as the striped toddler sweater and the seed stitch baby blanket), and some of which you haven't. Either because I haven't had a chance to photograph them, or because they're Christmas presents! I'm working on a handful of Christmas presents right now! Two of them I'll be able to share with you when they're done (because I know that those two don't read my blog), but the rest will have to be a mystery until December!

Anyway, this week I'm working on a cow! (So in case you've been following along, that means that the legwarmers are finally finished!!! I'll have pictures for you on Friday!)

Milk Cow

I have the body and the udder done so far. It's going pretty quickly! I made this cow once before as a Christmas present for my Grandma last year. I hope it turns out just as great! This project has an end of September deadline, so I have to hurry!

As for reading, I'm still working on Russel Brand's My Booky Wook. Next up? The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

That's all for me this week! What are you currently working on? Linking up with Ginny and Tami. Check out more WIPs on their sites!