Friday, October 26, 2012

Playing in the Leaves!

I know I promised you tons of FOs today, but I only have pictures of two of them. It was raining all day here today, so I wasn't able to get pictures of the other two things I wanted to share!

I did, however, get pictures of the toddler hat and mittens I made while we were playing in the leaves yesterday!

Cozy Hat
This is my second time making this pattern! I'm just as happy with it this time. My gauge was actually off this time, and I thought it would be way too big for my friend's son (pictured), but it fits great! And he'll be able to wear it for a while since it is bigger. Doesn't he look like a model in that picture?

Way Basic Toddler Mittens
I made him these mittens to match too. This is the best picture I have of them actually on him--and can you blame him? It was about 77 degrees here yesterday. He was a good sport for a while though.

I'll share the two other things with you next week (or maybe some time over the weekend if I can manage to get some pictures. It's supposed to be rainy for a few days I think.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some Non-Christmas Projects

It's odd that I only have two things to share with you today, because I've been a busy bee all week long! I've finished four projects (almost five!), so all of those have to wait until Friday. I do have two things to share with you (I'll save the one that's almost finished until Friday as well).

The first is a potholder. I'm using a tutorial that I found on Pinterest (interested in following me on Pinterest? Find me here!). ! I've since located it on Ravelry, so I'll link to that page in the caption. The tutorial for it is really well done. It's making a nice thick pot holder! I can't wait to finish it and try it out.

Favorite Crocheted Hot Pads

The other thing I'm working on is more of something I'm planning to be working on. It's another freshstitches pattern--Alvin the Turkey. I made the two feet in the photo a few weeks ago, and haven't had another chance to work on him. Especially since I was busy pumping out teddy bear sweaters! My goal is to finish him for Thanksgiving!

Alvin the Turkey

That's all I have to share with you for today! But prepare to see oodles of stuff on Friday! I'm linking up with Tami and Ginny this week. What have you made?


Friday, October 19, 2012

FO Friday!

I have a couple things to share with you today! As promised, I got the teddy bear sweaters for my sister finished. I also finished the scarf that I shared with you as part of work-in-progress Wednesday (and have since started a matching hat!).

I guess we'll go chronologically then! Monday night, I finished the last of seven teddy bear sweaters. I'm definitely ready to take a break from them! But here they are, in all their cuteness! My sister is responsible for the bears to fill them, and they are supposed to be done by this coming Wednesday. These sweaters have already been mailed to her, so hopefully by next Friday, I'll be able to share a picture of all seven bears in their sweaters with you!

Teddy Sweaters

Next is the scarf I made for my boyfriend's dad for Christmas! He'll get a matching hat (using the Turn A Square pattern), and possibly gloves depending on how much yarn and time I have left.

Rib Stitch Scarf
This only took me two days to finish! It's made with two strands of worsted weight yarn held together, and knit on size 15 needles. I cast on 28 stitches to start, and worked a 2X2 rib until it was as long as I wanted! (The tan sections are 30 rows each). My Ravelry page is linked in the caption.

That's all I have for you this week! What are you working on? Linking up with Tami of course.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP Wednesday - A Christmas Scarf

I can finally say that I have the teddy bear sweaters FINISHED!! Seven of the same pattern, and I'm ready for a break. I'll be showing them on Friday, but if you want to see them in the meantime, I will be putting them on Ravelry right after I finish this post!

Rather than getting back to the Christmas presents I've already started, I started yet another one! This is a scarf for my boyfriend's dad. I made one for a friend two years ago, and he liked it. So I'm making him a similar one! If I have the yarn leftover, I'll make a matching hat or gloves.

Ribbed Scarf
It will be mostly dark brown, until the tan section at the other end. It's going really quickly on size 15 needles with two strands of worsted weight yarn held together! I should be able to finish it up either this week or next (depending on how distracted by other projects I get), and cross one more thing off of my Christmas list!

I'm still working on reading Wicked. And I'm still loving it!

What are you working on this week? Check out Tami's and Ginny's for more works in progress!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Four Sweaters Down, Three to Go!

I've mentioned before that I'm currently working on teddy bear sweaters for my sister. Well I have four out of seven done! Here's what I have so far:

I have to make a pink one, a brown one, and another purple one. I'm pretty pleased by the way they're turning out! My deadline (to have them in the mail to her) is one week from today. So I think I'm in pretty good shape!

However, my aunt is mailing her something on Monday, so my goal is to finish them by then so that I can send them with her things.

That's all I have for you this week, since I've been trying to finish up these. What have you been working on? I'm linking up with Tami again!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teddy Bear Sweaters and a Concert

So, I'm still working on the teddy bear sweaters for my sister. I'm only on the second one (you'll see the finished first one on Friday!). But I did cut out all the letters for the rest of the sweaters. Please pretend that the 'E' isn't upside down..

Here's what I have so far of the second sweater! It's really close to being done. After this one, five more to go!

Currently, I'm reading Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. I've seen the musical twice (once on Broadway), and I'm finally reading the book! I'm only 25 pages in, but it's already so good!

And just because I'm so excited about it, I have to share what else I've been up to! Last night, I went to a Motion City Soundtrack concert that was nearby with my boyfriend and some friends. I got my picture taken with the lead singer, and he autographed my ticket! I had an absolute blast! I don't know if any of you are fans of Motion City (or have heard of them), but I love them!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby Gifts and a Jump on Christmas!

Well I missed WIP Wednesday this week... It was too late by the time I remembered. It's even too late right now for Friday, but I'm going to make do!

Last week at church, I found out that a girl in our congregation just had a baby girl! I wanted to whip up some quick gifts for her. I also used this opportunity to use up my scraps from the BFF Cowl Swap I'm doing! Here's what I came up with:

Crochet Baby Beanie & Baby Head Band

Best Bunny
I think they turned out really great! I couldn't be happier. Hopefully the new mom will love them too!

Next up is the first of three reindeer that I'm making for my aunt for Christmas. Between my sister, my cousin and I, we're making Santa's whole herd of reindeer! So we're each responsible for three. This one is the first one finished out of all of them! I made a few changes to the pattern, and they're all in my Ravelry notes (which are linked in the caption). However, they're not very organized yet since I have two more to make and I'm just going to put them all together. You can message me if you want specifics about my modifications!

Happy Reindeer

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