Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday!

Hey guys! So I really don't have much to show you today. I've made no progress on my cow since last week.. So I didn't even take a picture of it again. I do have a new finished object to show you on Friday though! So you can look forward to that.

For this week, all I have are these sleeves. This will be another modified teddy bear sweater that I'm working on for my sister! There will be seven in total this time. So far though, it's just the sleeves.

Here's something I wanted to show you last week. When I was taking my photos for last week's WIP Wednesday, I noticed this little guy making cocoon on our front steps! I forgot to add the picture to last week's post though. I figured I could try to do a weekly update throughout the winter! Here are last week's picture and this week's. I can't believe the change in just one week!!

One last picture to tide you over until Friday. Tonight's sunset! It was prettier in person, but this is a decent picture I think.

I'm still reading Russel Brand's book, but I honestly haven't touched it in about two and a half weeks. I'm thinking about starting Othello since my sister is reading it for her Shakespeare class, so we could compare notes!

Anyway, check out Tami's and Ginny's for more things going on this week!


  1. Anyone can be a pro photographer with a pretty sunset!

  2. i say dump the russel brand. he's irritating anyway :)
    i've never been comfortable not finishing a book, but in the past year i've put at least two or three down and it felt pretty good!

    1. I'm the same way! I think I've only not finished a book once. I really do enjoy Russel Brand... I just can't bring myself to read this! Slow and steady I guess. And around other books!