Friday, August 31, 2012

FO Friday - A Dragon!

It's Friday already! Time to show off my dragon. As I said on Wednesday, I have been participating in a Dragon CAL on Ravelry! We've been using the Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure pattern by Stacey Trock (freshstitches). I finished him Tuesday night! My plan is to donate him to The Purple Stitch Project. He'll be off in the mail as soon as everyone who wants to has seen him! My Ravelry notes can be found here.

As far as a review of the pattern is concerned, I did have a few things to say. First off, it's fantastically written, as are all of the freshstitches designs. It's also really great to be able to choose how you want your own dragon to look! She shows a genius way of doing the color changes for the belly, and it's explained very well on her blog. (This is my first attempt at color changes--in knitting or crocheting! And I think it turned out rather well.) The only thing that kind of makes me sad is that this guy won't sit up on his own! Part of that is leg positioning on my part, but I think it's mostly the design and the way that his tail is. Anyway, that's why he's leaning on the tree in my photos!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

So, my plan for today was to share with you the Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure that I'm working on as part of the Dragon CAL that freshstitches is doing on Ravelry... But then I finished him last night! My plan is to donate him to The Purple Stitch Project. I'll share pictures of him here on Friday!

In the meantime, I'm still working on the legwarmers for a friend at work. I have one done now! I'm just working on the second. I tried to set a goal of three inches per day, but I'm falling behind on that.

Super-Easy Leg Warmers

Even though I'm not quite making my goal, it's coming along faster than the first one did!! (I started it in May and just recently finished it...)

Currently, I'm reading Russel Brand's book, My Booky Wook. I bought this a long time ago, and am just getting around to reading it! I'm only in the second chapter, but it's pretty good so far.

Up next is a project that I don't actually have on my needles quite let, but it's in the planning stage. I got this bear with a sweater at our county fair for $1. I bought him solely for the purpose of attempting to replicate his sweater for my Build-a-Bear. It'll be a little tricky to do, because I want to use larger needles and worsted weight (I think this sweater is DK weight). And also, this bear is larger than the bear I want to make it for. So it'll be "roughly based on" this design. I plan on donating the bear to a ministry that my church does for helping out with migrant workers and other Hispanic families called Puente de Esperanza (Bridge of Hope) when I'm done with it.

The second photo shows the color more accurately. I don't know if any of you have ever worked with this yarn, but it's so super soft!! I love it! I used it to make a Link hat for a different friend at work.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

FO Friday

I know it's been quite a while since I've updated, but this will be just a short and sweet post. I haven't gotten a lot finished in the last few weeks anyway!

I just wanted to share this dishcloth I finished with you!

Lacy Mock Cable Dishcloth

It has two mistakes... Oops. But oh well. It's just a dishcloth! The link to my Ravelry project is in the caption.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

FO Friday!

I don't have a lot to share with you today. In fact, it's nothing you haven't seen if you've been checking my blog! But I figured I would officially share them for Finished Object Friday.

The first one is the lobster I just finished on Sunday! The Ravelry link is in the caption.

Frankie the Lobster

The next one isn't actually one that I finished this week. As promised though, I wanted to share the picture of the tiny sweaters I made on their respective bears (made by my sister).

Teddy Sweater

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Frankie the Lobster

I just can't wait until Friday to share this with you. I just finished my Frankie the Lobster. Another freshstitches pattern. I love her patterns!

He worked up so quickly, it was hard to believe. It took me two days, but I wasn't working on it all day. I didn't get a specific time on it, but I will next time! (I do plan on making another, I already want to!)

I just love the way he turned out! I was worried about running out of yarn (it was just some I had in my stash), and I did cut it close, but I had enough!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fo Friday

Well I'm pushing the time limit, but I made it!! I don't have a lot to share with you today, but I do have a few things.

The first thing I wanted to share is a cowl that I finished on Sunday. It's not completely finished for me yet because I plan on making separate flowers in lots of colors, which I'll be able to attach based on what I'm wearing! I haven't started those yet, but the actual cowl part is finished. The link to the Ravelry page is in the caption! Twisted is in parentheses because I didn't twist mine.

Easy (Twisted) Cowl

I tried to take pictures of it on me, but it just didn't work. So maybe my sister would be willing to model for me when she's home in a week! (I can't wait to see her!!!)

Next up, the final three teddy bear sweaters I was working on for my sister's bears! I'm super excited about these. Of course, while I was working on them, I was tired of doing the same thing over and over... But now that they're finished I kind of miss them. They take just over two hours each. The top one is a dark green. That's as light as I could get it to look--sorry about that!

Modified Teddy Sweater

Finally, this is the one I'm most excited about! It's a Kindle cover that I made based on a tutorial I found here. The tutorial is for a phone cover, but I modified it. I was able to make this cover using only one piece of felt in each color! If you click the pictures, you'll be able to see them larger. I just didn't want this post to be super long.

It was a little tricky to pin it because the pieces were so tight, but I got it to work. I'm sure it would be easier to have a larger piece of felt to work with, rather than one piece of the 25cent stuff. I added a snap to mine that came extra with a sweater I have. All I did was cut a piece of felt to the size I want, sew it onto the back (I forgot to sew the bottom part of the square, oops), and then sew the snap pieces on so that they line up. I didn't do this until after I had the case sewn together which made it difficult. This also helped to hold the two pieces of felt on each side together. They were a little loose otherwise, and my Kindle would have slipped into the wrong section, I'm sure!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

Well, it's been a while since I posted. It's hard because Wednesday and Friday are my biggest motivation to post, and I often work on those days. So I forget to take pictures while the lighting is good. But, here I am now. While I do have a handful of WIPs at the moment, I wanted to share the one that I need to focus on working on now. They're one of the first projects I showed for the Yarn Along I believe.

They're the Super Easy Legwarmers out of the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. These are for a friend that I work with. However, I've been working on them since May and this is as far as I've gotten in my first one. I just have no motivation to work on a single rib for that long. But these need to be the next project I finish! It's been too long.

I'm currently reading The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma. I like it and I don't like it. It's a series of three stories together that only have a handful of overlapping characters. So every time you reach the end of a part, you have to start all over getting to know new characters, which is a pain. But once I do get into each story, I really like it! So I'm torn. Also, the narrator is kind of annoying. He refers to himself several times, even though he is not a character in the novel. Otherwise, it's pretty good.

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