Saturday, November 3, 2012

FO ... Saturday?

I'm running very late this week, but I still wanted to throw up some pictures of what I have finished. Especially since I missed WIP Wednesday (I even had a picture ready! I just lost track of time..).

Anyway, so last week I had a few projects that I wasn't able to show you. But I have pictures of them now, so here they are, really quickly! The Ravelry links are in the captions, as always.

Jack-O-Lantern Dishcloth

Crocheted Hot Pad

Now! Onto this week's finished projects. First, I finished up this monkey from a kit I ordered from freshstitches a month or so ago. He turned out really cute! I whipped up a quick pumpkin hat for him so that he could be part of the Halloween CAL we did with the Ravelry group.

Owen the Monkey

Next, I finished my turkey, which I've shared with you on a few occasions. I love the way he turned out, even though I made a mistake! You can't really tell unless you've made the pattern though, so no harm done. I think he needs a little hat.. Maybe a fedora? Thoughts? He needs something on his head..

Alvin the Turkey

Next up, I finished this hat up this afternoon. I've already worn it and I love it! I wish I had made the ribbing one or two more rounds.. But it is long enough, so I don't want to join the yarn again. I might end up sewing a fleece lining into it. We'll see!

Divine Hat

The last thing I finished up was a cat toy for one of my friends! I saw something similar on Pinterest.. But when the link only took me to the picture, I decided to improvise it. It's not as cute as the original, but I don't think her cat will mind. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out!

Fish Bones

I'm linking up (late) to FO Fridays over at Tami's. What did you make this week?



  1. Oh boy you've been busy! Great FOs.

  2. I love your softies, they are gorgeous! That turkey is awesome!!

  3. Wow what a lot of FO's! Love the turkey especially and the hat is lovely :-)

  4. Lots of pretty projects. The turkey is especially cute. And I know a cat that would love the fish bones toy.

  5. No wonder you lost track of time for the WiP post - you were too busy creating! Love that hat! I think it looks great with the amount of ribbing you did.

  6. The love the fish toy! It turned out super cute. And if you make the turkey a little fedora he can be Agent T!

  7. so many cute little crocheted animals!! you are so good at making those!
    i love your hat - it's gorgeous and it looks great on you!

  8. Love all your projects, especially the fish cat toy. Thanks for reading.