Friday, January 25, 2013

Finished Object Saturday...

I guess I'm about two hours too late! In my defense, it has felt like Thursday all day. Actually, for me, it's felt like Thursday since Wednesday. I'm not sure why...

I only have one (sort of two) things to share with you this week. If you remember, last week I shared an owl that my boss commissioned me to make for her. She loved it so much, she put in another order! She wanted a bear (the school's mascot) that her daughter could give to a friend. So of course, I turned to a freshstitches pattern!

Teddy Bear   

She also wanted it to have an orange sweater with the school's initial and the #4 sewn on jersey-style. Here's what I came up with!

Modified Teddy Sweater
This might be the trickiest sweater modifications that I've done to date. Not only did I have to adjust the sizes, but I also had to move the sleeves so that they were not centered on the sides (as they would normally be in the pattern). I didn't really like the way that the raglan decreases looked on the front because the sleeves were so close together... The 'G' hides them nicely though. But if I make a sweater for a freshstitches animal again, I'll probably try a different method of raglan decreases that aren't quite so obvious.

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  1. Nice, plush Teddy. The orange goes well with his chocolate fur.

  2. he's so very cute!
    i'd vote that the sweater frustrations were worth it - it looks fantastic!!
    you are sooooo the queen of adorable crochet animals!