Monday, July 8, 2013

I've been quiet, but I'm still busy!

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I have been crocheting like crazy! I had a handful of orders for more Swiffer covers, and there's a crochet-along going on in one of my Ravelry groups... Not to mention a sale on a newly released pattern that I've been waiting and waiting for...

How about if I just show you what I've been up to?

First, I was asked to test the newest Freshstitches pattern (not even out yet!). It's a sloth! The arms button together so that he can hang. I'm not really a sloth person, personally, but he's cute.

Then I had an order for three Extra-Long Swiffer covers... I'll only show one here, but the links to all three of them are in the caption if anyone is interested.

One, Two, and Three
Then my boss noticed me working on them, and ordered one for herself!

Swiffer Cover
Adriana, just started her own group on Ravelry for fans of her patterns. She started with a crochet-along using her first pattern! I just love these guys! I might have to try to make a few more before the end of the CAL.

Emilia the Elephant: One and Two
And one last thing, I finished up this Hello Kitty doll for my aunt! She saw it on Pinterest, and just had to have it, so I tracked down the pattern.

Hello Kitty Ballerina
On my hook right now, Clara the Ice Cream Cone. I don't have pictures yet, but I'm planning one in chocolate and one in strawberry. I can't wait to finish them!

What have all of you been up to while I've been gone?



  1. The sloth photo is so neat. Amazing how they just chillax like that in real life. I like how you used different colors for the elephants and I love how Hello Kitty knows no age limits.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, my aunt is crazy for Hello Kitty. :)

  2. The Swiffer cover reminds me of froot loops. All very cool stuff!

  3. well goodness you've been busy!!
    everything is absolutely adorable! button sloth is super cute but that grey elephant has stolen my heart!

    hope you're enjoying your summer!!

    1. Thanks!! It's tricky to tell in that picture, but the elephants are actually a dark purple and a light blue.. I could NOT make both colors work in the same photograph! But there are more accurate pictures on my Ravelry project pages for them!

  4. I loved those elephant design. I am impressed by your ideas, I found your blog link from mypoppet site. Happy to visit your site. As an interior designer i love to read such post.