Sunday, July 1, 2012

Teddy Surprise!

Well I've finished the teddy bear for my Grandma. He goes with the commissioned sweater I'm still working on. The teddy bear is a surprise though! And he's going to have a matching sweater (a pullover without a hood)! I haven't started the little sweater yet, but I've started working with some numbers and my gauge to figure out the pattern. It will be loosely based off of this pattern which I've made twice before. I'll make sure to post the modifications that I make!

I'm so happy with the way that he turned out! I can't wait until he has a sweater! I'm more excited to make his sweater than the sweater for the actual boy..

I didn't follow the pattern for the arms of the bear really. You can find more details about that, and pictures of him on my Ravelry page!



  1. oh what a sweet, sweet teddy! he turned out wonderfully! i'm excited to see the sweater.

  2. It turned out so cute sister! :) I'm telling you, I want one. Lol.

  3. ack! is he ever cute!
    you may have just earned yourself the queen of adorable handmade bears!