Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cleveland Zoo

Well, once again I haven't posted in a while. I wasn't able to get pictures and a post together after work on Wednesday for WIP Wednesdays and the weekly Yarn Along. I was upset about that, but oh well. I've missed two weeks now! I am working on so many projects at the moment, and I wanted to do a long post about all of them.

I also missed FO Fridays this week because my friends and I took a trip to the zoo!

We had a blast! It was in the low 80s, but I was happy because it could have been so much worse!! I went with three of my friends and their kids. There's another baby that isn't in the picture (the blue-shirted one's brother) who's only about three months old. Regardless, I made zoo themed presents for the boys! They got to pick right after we had lunch. (No need to make hand-made toys all sticky)

More pictures of these three toys can be found on their respective Ravelry pages: Alligator, Penguin, Hippo. They are all patterns from Vanna's Choice Easy Crochet Critters. I love that book! I wasn't able to time myself for the hippo, but the penguin took about two hours, and the alligator took about two and a half.

Has anyone been on any fun summer adventures so far?



  1. They all turned out so cute! Who chose what?
    And I would say that Chicago is an adventure in itself! :)

    1. Wesley got the penguin, Isaiah got the hippo, and Noah got the alligator.

  2. super super cute!! what perfect zoo souvenirs!

    1. Thank you! It certainly beats spending a fortune at the gift shop!