Friday, June 1, 2012

FO Friday

I wasn't sure if I was going to post today, but after I took some pictures of a project I just finished, I decided I had no excuse. So, as part of FO Fridays, I wanted to share a Swiffer cover I just finished!

 My aunt has a large kitchen with a wooden floor, so she loves Swiffers! I made her a cover for her birthday last year, and she requested more this year. She says they work better than the store-bought refills. And she uses an extra-long Swiffer for her kitchen. It's hard to find the refills for those, so it works better to have a few reusable ones.
 I had these buttons in my button jar. Luckily I had two matching ones! I think they work well with the orange.
 Sorry that picture is blurry.. I was trying to take pictures at her house quickly before she came home! I wasn't sure how long I had.
Here's a close-up of the dust-collecting side. It's reversible also. The other side is smooth so you can use it to mop. She's never used that side I think, so I didn't think to take pictures of it! I also don't have a review for how well that side works.

I'll be making two more for her birthday (June 28th) in the regular size. I hope they work out!



  1. Finally done! Congrats sister. :)

  2. what a great idea! so great, yours is awesome!

    1. Thank you! The regular sized ones work up so much faster too. I was able to finish the base of one in just a few hours!

  3. My mom just brought one of those...The orange color is fantastic.

  4. I love the orange! I don't know why I am so into that right now!! I got something like this for my new wood floor, but I'm confessing I haven't used it yet, just sweeping and spot swiping!!