Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some Non-Christmas Projects

It's odd that I only have two things to share with you today, because I've been a busy bee all week long! I've finished four projects (almost five!), so all of those have to wait until Friday. I do have two things to share with you (I'll save the one that's almost finished until Friday as well).

The first is a potholder. I'm using a tutorial that I found on Pinterest (interested in following me on Pinterest? Find me here!). ! I've since located it on Ravelry, so I'll link to that page in the caption. The tutorial for it is really well done. It's making a nice thick pot holder! I can't wait to finish it and try it out.

Favorite Crocheted Hot Pads

The other thing I'm working on is more of something I'm planning to be working on. It's another freshstitches pattern--Alvin the Turkey. I made the two feet in the photo a few weeks ago, and haven't had another chance to work on him. Especially since I was busy pumping out teddy bear sweaters! My goal is to finish him for Thanksgiving!

Alvin the Turkey

That's all I have to share with you for today! But prepare to see oodles of stuff on Friday! I'm linking up with Tami and Ginny this week. What have you made?



  1. I can imagine the turkey just looking at the yarn you've laid out :D

    I've yet to make a potholder, I dont really need to hold my pots!!

    1. Thanks! I use most of my "pot holders" as trivets, actually. I tend to gravitate toward oven mitts as far as holding anything hot (like cookie sheets!).

  2. Both have great starts. It'll be fun to see that turkey grow.

  3. Hmmmm a crocheted turkey? Sounds like something I need for my Thanksgiving.

  4. i kinda like alvin the way he is... a very avant garde turkey :)